«IMT-Filter» Ltd.
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Hours of work:
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
are chemically active textile materials used for air and water purification
high-performance equipment for air purification in exhaust, input and recycling ventilating systems in different branches of industry and agriculture
development and production of special equipment and items of engineering plastics

IMT – Ion-exchange Materials and Technologies

Scientific production company IMT-Filter Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of chemically active fibrous materials Panion ® and high efficiency gas-cleaning equipment

Products produced by company IMT-Filter are unique and based on extensive scientific experience.

The high quality of the filtering materials PANION® and the ion exchange filters has been proved during a long term partnership with different industrial companies in Russia, Europe and South-East Asia.

Company IMT-Filter is producer of special equipment of engineering plastics, ventilating systems and utilities for aggressive environments. Consulting service in field of chemical process engineering.

Air purification

Air purification from toxic pollutants of acid, basic, organic nature and bad-smelling substances:

  • vapors of acid nature (SO2, HCl, HF, CrO3, NXOY, HCOOH etc.);
  • vapors of basic nature (NH3, amines etc.);
  • hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde;
  • sulfur dioxide CO;
  • odors, tobacco smoke, bad-smelling substances.
Water purification
  • Removal from drinking water ions of iron and heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, cuprum, nickel etc.) preserving its natural ionic background;
  • Water softening;
  • Selective removal ions of arsenic, silver and other metals.
Human protective means
  • Protection of human respiratory organs from toxic gases and vapors (respirators, gas-masks, escape masks etc.);
  • Protective clothing to prevent contact of human skin with chemically aggressive substances (chemical costumes, overalls etc.);
  • Wiping materials to remove drops and spills of acids and alkalis from human skin and surfaces of things.
Gas-cleaning equipment

Company IMT-Filter Ltd. produces high efficiency gas-cleaning equipment in exhaust, input and recycling ventilating systems in different branches of industry and agriculture.

Filters with a capacity of 500-100 000 m3/h are intended for technological and sanitary air purification from broad range of impurities, present as gases, vapors and aerosols.

Our company has a complete production cycle of frame ion exchange filters FIF, contact filter CF, combined filters FIF-CF, absorption (scrubber) filters CF-(S), adsorption filters AF, pocket filters and its component parts. We produce and accordingly control each assembly part of our equipment from filtering materials and construction of filter body through to automatic control systems.