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Filtering materials

Ion exchangers fibrous PANION® are chemically active filtering materials and fibers used for:

  • Air purification from toxic gases (substances of basic nature: ammonia, amines; substances of acid nature: HCl, HF, HNO3, NXOY, SO2; hard-to-absorb substances: CO, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide etc.).
  • Water purification from each ions, for example: ions of iron, heavy metals (cuprum, arsenic, lead, cadmium, nickel), ions of hardness, nitrates and many other impurities.
  • Human protective means for respiratory organs and skin from contact with chemically aggressive substances.

Ion exchange fibers are in its nature spatially-seamed fibrous structures with functional groups of acid and (or) base nature, which have chemical properties of granular ion exchangers and at the same time have a number of indisputable advantages.

Advantages of ion exchange materials and fibers PANION®

  • High rate of ion exchange and sorption processes (10-100 times higher than that by granular ion ex-changers);
  • High efficiency of air and water purification at low concentrations of impurities (97 – 100%);
  • Effective application in thin filtering layers at high velocity of gas or liquid flow;
  • Low resistance of a filtering layer to air or liquid at sorption process;
  • High mechanical strength, stability in multiple cycles of sorption – regeneration.

IMT-Filter Company has also produced analogues of many commonly known granular ion-exchange resins.

PANION® has a unique fibrous structure, which makes it possible to get a wide variety of textile forms: staple, non-woven needle-punched fabric, cloth, thread, short-cut fiber etc.

PANION® is used as disposable or regenerable filtering material. It is the key component of automatically working filtering plants for air purification – filters FIF, CF, FIF-CF.

PANION® is the name of a family of new materials being in the stage of extensive devel-opment. Properties and possible applications of many of these materials have not been studying. We are inviting the researches and potential users to cooperate in developing of the materials and tech-nologies with the specific properties.

Ion exchangers fibrous are unique high-tech product developed on base of funfdamental researches of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus