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Water purification of arsenic

The problem of water purification of arsenic has recently become very topical because of the fact that requirements of WHO (World Health Organization) to content of arsenic in drinking water were drastically changed. Before permissible level of content of arsenic in water was 50 microgram per liter and now this figure is reduced to 10 microgram per liter. In this regard an enormous number of water resources in the world became over this limit. The problem is particularly acute for the USA, countries of the Central Asian region and the Far East, Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Spain. In some cases excess of arsenic concentration in drinking waters is so high, that there are already clinical features of mass poisoning of population.

Common water purification systems of arsenic are not enough effective and don’t enable to carry out the purification of water in small and separate systems.

The material PANION 140 is developed specially for household and local water purification systems of 3- and 5-valence arsenic. In comparison with existing sorbents the material PANION® secures faster purification of water due to its fiber structure, that makes possible to use it thin filtering layers, that in turn reduces by far dimensions of the filter. It is easy to use especially in household water purification systems.

Fibrous ion exchanger PANION 140

PANION 140 — fibrous ion exchange filtering material for selective removal ions of Arsenic (III), Arsenic (IV) and heavy metals from drinking water.


  • Water purification from ions of Arsenic (III), Arsenic (IV), heavy metals;

Technical specification*

Functional groups Nanoparticles of FeOOH, which are involved in polymer fibrous matrix
The base polymer Anion exchanger with tertiary amino groups on base of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber
Content of FeOOH, mmol/g 0,9 - 1,3
Temperature working range 0 – 60°C
pH working range 5 – 10
Textile forms
  • Staple fiber: cut length 30-70 mm.
  • Non-woven needle-punched fabric: surface density from 200 to 1000 g/m2; width of the fabric up to 1600 mm, thickness from 2 to 10 mm.
  • On special request the others textile forms can be produced: threads, cloths, bands, short staple fiber etc..
Stability against aggressive media Stable against concentrated acid solutions, Na2CO3 and all organic solvents. Sorption capacity is reduced in high concentrated acid solutions
Regeneration Not regenerating
Adsorption activity on ion As (BV - quantity of sorption layer volumes purified, initial concentration – 100 microgram/m3)

* - on a customer request fibrous ion exchange material with other physical and chemical properties can be produced.


Arsenic is a chemical element with symbol As and atomic number 33.

Arsenic and all its compounds are especially potent poisons. Arsenic in small quantities is cancer-causing.