«IMT-Filter» Ltd.
Republic of Belarus, Minsk, 220025, Jerzy Giedroyc Street 2. On the map
Hours of work:
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Ventilation systems

We produce elements of ventilation systems of any complexity according to the customer’s requirements

  • ducts of circular and rectangular section of sizes from 100x100 to 1500x1500 mm;
  • typical formed parts, damper valves, slide dampers etc.;
  • flanged connections with ducts of other materials;
  • exhaust hoods, slotted hoods, boxes for fans;
  • non-standard parts of ventilation systems and aspiration according to the requirements of your production.

Advantages of ventilation systems made of engineering plastics

  • Corrosion resistance to gases and vapors of acid, basic nature, organic compounds, water vapor;
  • Costs for production of plastic ventilation systems are paid out within several years, because such ventilation has a long lifetime (tens of years), and does not require any further maintenance. You do not have to spend every 2-3 years for new steel ducts and installation work;
  • High hermiticity, due to which there are no head losses and air leaks;
  • Smooth internal surface ensures low friction losses and prevents the deposition of dirt during operation, reduces noise and energy consumption through the using less powerful fans;
  • They are easy connected with steel ducts into unit combined system, are easy to repaired and modernized;
  • Light weight and eased assembling;
  • They satisfy the requirements of modern industrial art.